Do I want self-driving cars?

Went laying down in the sofa watching tv and happened to stop at the movie “Up in the air” with George Clooney. He is a professional on labor cuts and travels all over the United States and dismisses people.

One day, a new colleague comes directly from business school and proposes deductions in Clooney’s company this in the form of doing their work via video conferences instead of traveling around and personally meeting those who are to be laid off. Does not work in the movie and ends with the fact that he continues to travel around even thou having learned more about his work and others.

In the film, there was a serious downturn in the company where our main character worked and it made me think about how much potential employees that would have to find a new occupation if self-driving cars will become a reality. We hear a lot of Self-driving cars around us and it is not only because of its high tech area it is also something car producers invest big amounts in.

But how many jobs would we lose in transport sector if it becomes a reality? Betting that taxi driver feels like a bad career choice as well driver in generally in transport sector. If now self-driving cars become a legal reality (you as a passenger cannot act) the cars will then drive legally so accidents will decrease leading to that healthcare and police can do something else. No high speeding with very few accidents if all cars are self-driven.
Fewer accidents give fewer repairs, so people needed in car garages will absolutely decrease, even claims regulators and insurance agents will learn to be superfluous. With very few accidents, insurance will most likely be not so profitable so the income and margin for the insurance companies probably will lead to release of skills. Suspects that legally run self-driven cars park legally so the parking guard must probably also be seen with clearly limited opportunities in the future.

So, when will this become a reality? Depending on who you ask of course, but if you ask me, I do not think it will be a reality. Within limited areas and stretches, it will certainly become a reality but throughout our country and the hole earth!

I just think it’s to fun to drive a car and that I as a passenger want to know that it can manually handle the car if I like to! That’s my personal opinion.
I also wonder if we will legally accept fully self-driven cars on all roads. It may be possible to settle in the longer term, maybe, but you can still ask – we have had many years of airplanes that can drive themselves but we have not chosen to let them do so. Why should we let the cars? Aircraft fly on their own, on very broad highways with assistance from several different technical systems and yet we let the pilot stand for the flight, if she or he desires! About 80% of all air accidents are caused by the human factor, so there are incentives for us to let the machines do the job. This speaks for self-driven cars as there are many lives to save in land transport sector! But will we solve the legal aspects? Even self-driving cars cause accidents and will most likely do so in the future as well.
Me myself think that new cars hold a very high degree of self-driving in the form of auto brake, stay in their file, alert to tired drivers to name a few. Think it can stay there if you ask me!

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